These 5 Countries Are The Most Visited Destinations By UAE Residents In Summer 2022


Now that summer has officially come to an end, DNATA Travel released a list of the 5 countries that UAE residents visited the most.

Looks like it’s time to add these 5 countries to the bucket list!

DNATA Travel compiled a list of UAE residents most visited destinations based on how many flights were booked there.

1. The most traveled to destination out of the 5 countries is Turkey

DNATA Travel recorded that most of the flights from the UAE this summer was to Turkey.

2. Next on the most travelled destinations list is the beautiful Thailand

3. Following in third place of the most visited destinations is the gorgeous island of Mauritius

4. In fourth of the most visited destinations from the UAE is the Republic of Maldives

5. Last but definitely not least of the 5 countries is the gorgeous destination of Switzerland!

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