UAE President Grants Benefits To The Children Of Emirati Women (Married To Foreigners)

President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued a resolution granting children of Emirati women (married to foreigners) who are residing in the UAE the SAME education & benefits as other citizens.
The Ministry of Presidential Affairs shall provide the necessary support to federal and local government agencies to facilitate its implementation.
The President’s resolution is driven by a determination to provide greater support and stability to the families of Emirati mothers

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Prior to this new decree, Emirati women did not have the right to automatically pass on citizenship to their children as Emirati men do

Previously, children born to local women and foreign men could only apply for Emirati citizenship when they turn 18. However, this did not apply to sons and daughters of local men and foreign women as their children would receive citizenship at birth.

Emirati mums married to non-citizens could also apply for citizenship on the behalf of their offspring after showing proof of the child residing in the UAE for at least 6 years.

However, the President’s new directive changes all of that.

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