Saudi Pro League Star Robert Bauer Has Converted To Islam


German footballer Robert Bauer, who plays for the Saudi club Al-Tai in the Saudi Pro League, recently made a BIG announcement on his official Instagram account.

It all started with a story he shared that had a verse from the Quran.  The verse roughly translates to “Guide us to the straight path”.
He then shared a story in which he claims that he is a follower of Islam.

He even posted a picture of himself praying along with his son and father-in-law to mark this significant moment.

In his Instagram story, Bauer said, “For all the people messaging me today. I came to Islam through my wife and her family. It’s been many years, and I’m thankful for you all to help me and encourage me on my journey.”

In terms of his football career, this 28-year-old German player has had quite a journey. He’s played for several clubs, including Werder Bremen and FC Nurnberg. He then signed with the Russian club FC Arsenal Tula, following which he moved to Sint-Truiden in Belgium in September 2021. Plus, he’s got some international experience, representing Germany at the FIFA U-20 World Cup and in the 2016 Summer Olympics, where they clinched the silver medal.


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