UAE-Based NMC Healthcare Are Planning To Expand All Over The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


NMC Health, a UAE-based facility, has just made an announcement for a brand new facility opening in Jeddah.

Apart from the fact that it plans to build three other hospitals in the Kingdom too, NMC has become one of the first foreign facility of its type to make it to the medical sector of Saudi Arabia.


They’re located all over the UAE currently



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Privatisation may be in the folds too

The new medical facility will begin with 50 beds and a capacity to hold 220 patients at once.

Expected to be expanding and fully productive by 2019, the facilities will also look to create a 60-bed hospital in Ha’il, and a 170-bed hospital in Khobar.

“With a total licensed capacity now at about 700 beds, we see the kingdom as an important part of NMC’s growth strategy and will continue to identify areas in which we can fill gaps in the country’s healthcare offerings.”

Prasanth Manghat, CEO of NMC Health


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