Dubai And Abu Dhabi Have TOPPED The List Of The Smartest Cities In The Region


The race to becoming the world’s smartest city is tight – and Abu Dhabi and Dubai are top of the list in the region…though Abu Dhabi managed to edge out Dubai this time.

Our beloved capital, Abu Dhabi, has been ranked number one on a list of cities in the MENA region, in the McKinsey Global Institute study ‘Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a More Livable Future.’

The study covers 50 international cities, and focus on how technology improves quality of life for residents.

Criteria analysed in the study includes:

  • healthcare
  • security
  • mobility
  • economic development, and
  • housing.

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Abu Dhabi ranked first place in the region with a rating of 18.4 and Dubai came in second place with a rating of 17.3.

DCT Abu Dhabi has introduced various new schemes to aid the tourism sector and benefit residents’ quality of life

The ‘Abu Dhabi Culture‘ online app is all you need for more information regarding the culture in the emirate.

It’s also an Event Ticketing System part of its online Event Licensing System which features event registration and licensing procedures.


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