The Long Salt Lake In Abu Dhabi Is Truly One Of UAE's Wonders

The UAE boasts many unique wonders, so many that it’s become difficult to list them all.

One such example of these wonders is the Al Wathba Long Salt Lake.

A popular weekend spot for Abu Dhabi residents, the sandy road that leads to the Long Lake is worth it 

…or so the peeps who have visited say! 

But our personal favourite is this video taken by Jhony Azeir, who described the place as a ‘piece of heaven.’ Agreed.

This is YOUR spot if you like crystal clear water, salt buds and sand

People usually have a difficult time finding it, which is why Facebook pages like this one exists, to make life easier.

The lake has been a favourite for families for BBQ, morning selfie spot or nighttime camping.



Image Credits: Instagram @ali_aljobouri

Grab your cameras because this is a sight in the UAE like no other

This huge man-made channel located in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s desert is also filled with salt water




Image Credits: Instagram @globigs_milesaway

Will you be visiting this beauts anytime soon?

Just make sure to keep it clean, don’t leave any trash behind and work collectively to ensure that it maintains its natural wonder.

Location of the Al Wathba Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi can be found here.

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