The Dubai Airport Now Has A Free ‘Taxi’ Service For Those Who Don’t Want To Walk Inside


In the wise words of DXB airport itself, there’s some wheel-y good news for frequent travelers. Of course, we all know how large the Dubai Airports are, and fittingly so since it hosts millions of travelers on an annual basis.

One of the world’s busiest airports has just launched a new complimentary taxi service. Inside the airport.

This is a new level of extra, that was kind of necessary.

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There will be golf carts available for those who can’t or don’t feel like walking inside the airport

Convenience is now at your ease, thanks to the taxiDXB’s services being launched.

DXB announced that 15 taxis will be placed in the B Concourse of Terminal 3 (exclusively for Emirates), and should expand within the next few months.

Priority will be given to the elderly and families

So if you’re a group of more than three, with children and babies, then this would be most ideal. However, this service is still available to ALL passengers.

The service is completely free-of-charge and you can even have it take you to shops or restaurants, other than connecting gates.

Dubai, making our lives easier by the day…


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