This Food Art Workshop Is Definitely The Most Interesting Class You Will Ever Go To


If you spend all day on Instagram then you’ve definitely come across food artist Maleh Mohmedi of Jacob’s Food Diaries fame. 

The Melbourne mother is known to bring animated characters from screen to plate with the clever use of fruits and veggies. Her beautiful and fun creations mean her son gets an exciting meal and it’s nutritious. 

Go ahead and picture yourself doing the same for your little ones or just for your Instagram feed because the artist will be coming to Dubai to help you master the technique.

Inked at Al Serkal Avenue will be hosting the food artist…

She will conduct workshops for adults-only (AED 450) and adults with children (AED 550) from 18 September to 22 September.

The adults-only workshop will take place from 10am to 12pm and 7pm to 9pm, while the adult and child workshop will happen from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. Expect all her attention because the spaces are limited to 12 seats per workshop.

If you want to sign up, give them a call on 052 794 1117 / 04 344 1788.

Stuff that would make a picky eater happy…

Mickey mouse – black beans and mashed potato

Snow White’s dwarf – spinach, pumpkin and tofu

Pluto – pumpkin, potato and spelt gnocchi

Goofy – roast chicken with wild rice

Bob the Minion – free-range chicken and mashed potato


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