For One Day Only You Get To Choose EXACTLY How Much You Pay At This Jumeirah Restaurant


Volunteers of The Goodwill Tribe will be spending this evening doing something quite different to what the rest of us will be doing. You’ll find them at Indian restaurant Govinda’s newest branch in Jumeirah from 7pm to 11pm plating vegetarian meals for diners. 

They’re holding up the tradition of Karma Kitchen, a movement that started in California wherein guests receive a bill that reads ‘0’ at the end of their meal. It’s their job to determine the price of what they ate and whether they want to ‘pay it forward’ – an act that allows the next diner to eat free of charge.

With oil-free, high protein, vegan and diabetic options available on its menu, the evening will be a good one in every sense, so go check it out if you can.

To find out more, give them a call on 04 321 1884.

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