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If You Take The Bus In Dubai Then You’re Going To Love This Google Maps Update

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Regular commuters in Dubai, you’re going to love hearing this.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has collaborated with Google Inc. so that real-time updates of bus timetables in Dubai now pop up on the Google Maps app. How convenient!

Plan your bus journeys ahead and never fear missing timetable changes, thanks to this genius idea

So whoever uses the Google Maps app on their phones can now get real-time, live updates about the Dubai bus movement. Previously, the maps would only show fixed bus schedules; however, movement can now be tracked, especially if a specific route has been cancelled or changed. Yay!

Never miss a bus right again thanks to this smart move by the RTA and Google. Dubai is the first city in the region to use open data in public transport; adding along to 100 other smart cities in the world.

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