Iconic Lebanese Restaurant Al Falamanki Has Opened Up In Dubai And It Looks Incredible


Al Falamanki has just opened its first international venture in Dubai and it’s been welcomed with wide open arms by the local Lebonese-lover foodies.  The unique and historical restaurant is located across from the Four Seasons Hotel on Jumeirah Beach Road and plays host to delicious and enticing aromas, tastes and sounds, transporting its guests in to the nostalgic experience of Beirut in the 1960’s.

“Al Falamanki takes diners on a culinary journey of traditional Lebanese food”

The new restaurant is still having a bit of construction done but when it’s finished it will look just like its sister restaurant in Beirut (if not better)

It will sit up to 500 people and will have both indoor and outdoor seating as well as offering shisha.

Al Falamanki Beirut

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Al Falamanki Beirut

Al Falamanki is often frequented by well known guests!

The Food…


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