There Is A Homegrown Musical Opening in Bollywood Parks Tomorrow And It Looks Impressive


Just a few weeks ago Bollywood Parks opened its doors to the public. 

Today, the first-of-its-kind theme park gave the media a preview of its first Broadway-style Bollywood musical at Rajmahal Theatre. The opulent theatre, a mix of the grandeur and poise of ancient Indian cinema and new-age technology, set the stage for the venue’s homegrown production.

Bookings for the show open tomorrow 

The two-hour long musical, Jaan-e-Jigar, is a fantasy tale of two brothers set in the royal town of Ishqabad. Ticket prices start at AED 95.

Here’s a little peek of what you can expect

(Note: images / videos have been taken at permitted times during the show.)

The Rajmahal Theatre

Img 1702

Inside the theatre…

The ceiling
Img 1717
Img 1719
The cocktail tables
Img 1724
Img 1721
The external pillars
Img 1728

Bright colours, brilliant props and incredible effects

Img 1714

That’s the entire team

Img 1742

And they come together after a successful show

Here’s a picture tour of the park

Img 1771
Img 1746
Img 1749
Img 1747
Img 1751
Img 1753
Img 1754
Img 1761
Img 1758
Img 1757
Img 1768
Img 1767
Img 1762
Img 1765

Find out more…

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