The First Ever Hindu Stone Temple In The Middle East Will Be Built In Abu Dhabi By 2020


The first ever Hindu stone temple in the entire Middle East will be built by the year 2020 in Abu Dhabi at Abu Mureikha. 

Unique from the rest, the stone temple will be meticulously hand-carved by Indian artisans and will include several add-ons, such as: a visitors’ centre, exhibitions, prayer halls, sports areas for children, learning areas, water features, gardens, food courts and a gift shop. 


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Much smaller than the Akshardham temple in New Delhi, the Abu Dhabi temple will slightly resemble the Hindu temple in Jersey with marble accompanying sandstone backdrops. 

Akshardham Temple

This Hindu temple will be accessible to people of all religions and is a part of the UAE’s aim to foster tolerant coexistence within the city. 

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