UAE Issues Travel Guidelines For Passengers Travelling Out Of The Country For The Summer


UAE Issues Travel Guidelines For Passengers Travelling Out Of The Country For The Summer

The UAE Government has released a set of guidelines for all residents and citizens who wish to travel abroad from June 23, which shows that there will be NO need for re-entry forms.

This announcement comes after the UAE declared that it’s prepping to FULLY open up its borders in the coming weeks.

Although, travellers must sign a Twajudi form before leaving the UAE to be sure that they meet all requirements in the UAE and the country they’re planning to visit. (Adults over 70 will not be permitted to travel).

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The countries that citizens and residents are allowed to travel to will be based on the countries’ practices and will be in accordance to 3 categories:

  1. Low risk: Residents and citizens are allowed to travel to these countries
  2. Medium risk: Emiratis are allowed to travel to these countries for medical treatment, to visit first-degree relatives or on official diplomatic trips
  3. High risk: UAE citizens and residents are not allowed to travel to these countries

From pre-travel check-up, and health insurance t0 self-quarantine, here are all the steps that resident’s who wish to travel MUST adhere to:

Before leaving the UAE 

  1. Register with the Tawajudi service
  2. Get tested for COVID-19, with test results received through the Al Hosn app and not exceeding 48 hours
  3. Have international health insurance
  4. Those over the age of 70 and suspected cases are not allowed to travel, and those will chronic illnesses are being discouraged from travelling
  5. Those with a temperature of over 37.8 degrees Celsius are not allowed to travel
  6. Pledge to self-quarantine upon return and not to visit other countries

During the trip

  1. Follow the country’s COVID-19 guidelines
  2. Go to the nearest medical centre if you are experiencing symptoms
  3. Inform the UAE Embassy if you have tested positive for COVID-19

Upon returning to the UAE

  1. Wear a mask at all times
  2. Have a travel file including all details of your current health status
  3. Download the Al Hosn app
  4. Undergo the 14-day quarantine period. This can be reduced to seven days if the passenger is coming back from a low-risk country
  5. Those with symptoms must take a COVID-19 PCR test.
  6. If the traveller cannot home quarantine, they must stay in a hotel and bear the cost.

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