UberEATS Has Finally Arrived In Dubai And Is Offering A Discount For Early Adopters


Uber’s not just about taking you from one place to another. 

The popular transportation network will be kicking off its UberEATS service in Dubai at lunch time tomorrow. What this app does is connect a diner to its meal. Sounds bliss? All you need to do is pick a restaurant and Uber will handle the rest. Yes, it is safe to throw away those takeaway menus.

You’ll be happy to know that delivery will be available from 11am to 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and until 5am over the weekend.  

2 Choosing Food On The App

Ordering is very easy…

  • You need to download the app or go to ubereats.com. You can use your existing Uber account for UberEATS or create a new one. 
  • Let them know the address where you want the meal delivered. 
  • Browse the list of restaurants and choose what you want to eat. 
  • Pay with your credit card, but remember delivery is free for a limited time. And you can obvs track the order.

There’s a discount (read: AED 50 off) on the first order you place if you use the code ‘DubaiEATS’.

Some of the restaurants listed include:

Taqado Mexican Kitchen

The Hummingbird Bakery

Sushi Art

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