Watch The Skies! The Moon And Mars Are Aligning This Friday

Mayar Ibrahim

Grab your binocular astronomy lovers! The Moon and Mars are aligning this Friday and you can watch it happen all over the UAE.

This Moon will align with Mars on Friday right before dawn at 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. The Red Planet will come as close to 1°03’ to the Moon, so it can’t be seen with a telescope.

@AlSadeemObs shared an image of the Moon and Mars aligning in April 2021 taken by @AldrinBGabuya

Samy Al Olabi took this image of the galaxy highlighting the planets in the Deserts of the Empty Quarter in the UAE

This image was posted on twitter by @SPACEChennai

So get ready for this GORGEOUS alignment of the Moon and the Red Planet. If you’re not an early bird, it’s time to become one!

On Friday, July 22 the Moon and Mars will align before dawn breaks. It will be at its peak at 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM in the east.

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