Lovin Business Bounce Back – These 50 Local Restaurants Need Your Support Right Now


Local restaurants have been severely affected by COVID-19. Despite restrictions being lifted most restaurants have not recovered from their losses.

Local businesses, restaurants, and shops are the backbone of any economy. Lovin Dubai is doing its part and using its platform to promote local restaurants in the UAE.

That’s why Lovin Dubai has launched The Lovin Business Bounce Back. A campaign that aims to support businesses affected by the economic impact of COVID-19.

Lovin Dubai will be rolling out one article a week to highlight a business. We were blown away by the number of nominations, so this is just a small shout out to the companies that we couldn’t choose for the bigger feature.

Its time of businesses to bounce back here. Here are struggling places we can all support

50. 312

Craving a Chicago style hotdog? Well, 312 is here to satisfy all your cravings. If you’re looking for a great place for burgers and hotdogs with an unbeatable price, stop by eat.312 at any of their two branches in J3 Mall or Al Sufouh or order through Whatsapp at (058) 50 50 312

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49. Old Airport Restaurant

This restaurant has been around since the ’70s. This restaurant offers Indian and Chinese dishes along with wraps and other snacks. Delicious food at an affordable rate.

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48. 95 Degrees

Listen up caffeine addicts, we have found the coolest new specialty coffee shop in Dubai. 95 Degrees have unique drinks such as pistachio latte, rose-flavoured latte and crushed iced coffee.

Plus, it’s located in Kite Beach which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing iced coffee and relax.

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47. Orbis Coffee Roastery

This place has been roasting coffee since 2007. Orbis Coffee Roastery will deliver the finest coffee blends in the world right in front of your doorstep.

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46. Ostro Dubai

Ostro is laid back Mediterranean restaurant. Ostro does have your typical Greek and Italian dishes but takes a healthy approach.

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45. Almart

Almart is the one-stop destination for all things sweet. From Belgian chocolate assortments, honey cakes to energy drinks, this place has it all. This place has the best gifts and nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a box full of chocolates.

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44. Arwa Federal Cakes

Have a birthday coming up or a loved one’s? You need to get a cake from Arwa Federal Cakes. This cake studio doesn’t only deal with cakes but also cookies, cupcakes, and brownies.

Arwa Federal Cakes is going to make your dream birthday cake come true. I mean the pictures speak for themselves!

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43. Basil and Spice

No matter what the occasion, Basil and Spice catering has you covered. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any special occasion, Basil and Spice will provide the ultimate fine dining experience.

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42. Bella Italia Food

Bella Italia is bringing the flavours of Italy to the UAE. This Italian food supplier has the best products Italy has to offer. From high-quality Grana Padano to cold cut Bresaola. If you’re crazy about Italian food hit up Bella Italia.

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41. Cafe Belge

Belgian food is much more than just it’s iconic waffles. Discover Belgian cuisine at Café Belge. The restaurant will take you back in time to 1920’s Belgium with its Art Deco interior. Dig into the fresh seafood and the finest Belgian beer.

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40. Casa de Tapas Dubai

It’s a fiesta at Casa de Tapas. Looking for the best Paella in Dubai then come to Casa de Tapas. With great vibes, music, delicious Spanish seafood and drinks, and iconic views of the Dubai Creek, this is the place to be on the weekend.

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39. Cassette

Cassette combines music, art, and food in all in one place. It is a creative hub that makes it the perfect place to work and socialize. Surrounded by contemporary design and aesthetics makes this resto modern and authentic.

The menu is a modern retake on Parisian food. Creatively curated dishes that take global inspiration but still have that Parisian flare.

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38. Pastryology

This pastry has the yummiest treats. Pastryology has milk cake, puddings, freshly baked croissants, brownies, and even their own iced coffee. You can order these treats all online.

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37. Chick N Cone UAE

Who knew combining waffle cones and fried chicken would taste so good together? Chick N Cone has the crispiest chicken with spicy Cajun fries and a range of sauce options to choose from.

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36. City Makani

Serving up authentic South Indian dishes such as Dosa’s and delicious Keralite seafood, this is a restaurant you must visit if you want to discover more of Indian cuisine.

This popular and affordable restaurant was also feeding many unemployed people and families affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. So, go ahead a give this Indian resto a try.

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35. Cloud Restaurants

This is not your typical food delivery service. Cloud Restaurants is a delivery-only restaurant service. Cloud restaurant is a restaurant kitchen that only accepts delivery only orders and has no-dining facility. Order from Cloud Restaurant on Deliveroo.

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34. Coffeetea Fusion Café

Coffee or tea person? Well, this café has numerous coffee and tea options to choose from. Not only that, but it also has breakfast options such as pancakes and waffles.

Located in Waterfront Market Deira, enjoy a warm cup of tea and soak up the classic views of Deira.

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33. Couqley French Bistro

If your trip to France got cancelled, no worries Couqley has got you covered with their Steak-Frites in a signature sauce.

This French bistro provides French cuisine with comfort.

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32. Des Pardes Restaurant

 If you have never had Pakistani food, Des Pardes Restaurant is a go-to. Enjoy famous dishes such as Nihari, Chicken Tikka, Biryani, and obviously with a side Naan.

This restaurant also delivered free meals to people affected by the economic impact of COVID-19

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31. Docker Café

 Karak chai is a part of Dubai’s daily life. Everyone in the UAE is obsessed with this drink and Docker Café has the best coffee, chai, and snacks at an affordable price. Located in Port Rashid and Dubai Marina, this café has the best views and chai.

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30. DouArt Bakery Dubai

This bakery doesn’t just offer any normal cakes but provides gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free.

Doesn’t matter what the dietary restrictions are, enjoy DouArt’s treats without the guilt.

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29. Pinch Gourmet

Pinch Gourmet is Dubai’s first gourmet food caterer. Pinch Gourmet takes inspiration from dishes around the world. Whether you’re hosting an event or any other occasion, Pinch Gourmet’s food is going to be the life of the party.

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28. Fasta Pasta

Satisfy your pasta cravings and order from Fasta Pasta on Deliveroo. You can make your pasta bowl, from the pasta you want to the sauce and toppings, customize it however you want.

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27. Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a classic and has many chains around the UAE. They have a wide variety of pizzas, pastas, salads, and starters. It never disappoints.

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26. Food Masters

This restaurant offers comfort Pakistani and Indian food. Their most famous dishes are spicy chicken karahi, daal, and biryani. The food is affordable and hearty. Food Masters has branches in Dubai and Sharjah.

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25. Food Basket (Sharjah)

This eatery has delicious tandoori chicken and garlic naan at great prices. If you’re heading down to Sharjah make sure you stop by.

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24. Raju Omlet

Raju Omlet is the ultimate breakfast spot. This place is famous for its Indian street food style omlet. Make sure you order their sweet milky chai with the omlet.

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23. Gelato Divino

Gelato Divino has all the gelato flavours you could dream of. From pistachio, cotton candy, and mango, this place has it all.

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22. Golden Biryani

If you live, sleep, and breathe Biryani, Golden Biryani Restaurant is the place for you. That’s not all, they have curries and kebabs to choose from.

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21. HeyChef

HeyChef is an online on-demand personal chef service in Dubai. Don’t have any skills in the kitchen? That’s okay, HeyChef to the rescue. You can select a chef based on the cuisine you prefer. The personal chef can even meal prep for you or hire a chef for a party.

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20. HK Enterprises

This food supplier has every global food product you could think of. Frozen to non-frozen food products from all over the world.

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19. Popp’d

Puffed foxnuts are the new health trend and are an alternative to those cheesy puffy chips. Popp’d comes in unique flavours such as peri-peri and zaatar and cheese.

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18. House of Pizza

At House of Pizza, you can order all your favourite pizza’s whether it’s pepperoni or a simple Margherita. Their menu also has calzones, pastas, salads, Cajun chicken, Canadian classic poutine, and sandwiches. So many crazy options to choose from.

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17. Just Salad

Who says eating healthy is boring? This healthy restaurant has salads, wraps, delicious smoothies, bowls, and toasts. If you’re not into salads, well this place going to change your mind. So many options and you can make your own custom salad or bowl.

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16. Afghan Kabul Restaurant

Afghani cuisine is criminally underrated and definitely worth the try. This restaurant has succulent and flavourful grilled meats. Afghan Kabul restaurant even serves authentic Afghan pulao which is a must-have.

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15. Food Karma

This is a food delivery app making a difference. This unique online food delivery aim is to end food wastage. Food Karma helps restaurants solve their food wastage problem by providing them at discounted prices through FoodKarma.

Do your bit to save the environment when you order takeout.

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14. REIF Japanese Kushiyaki

This restaurant serves Japanese street food. Japanese food is much more than just sushi. If you’re curious about discovering more about Japanese cuisine, go to REIF Kushiyaki.

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13. Kobe Sizzler

Kobe sizzlers is an Indian Chinese restaurant a.k.a ‘Desi Chinese’. This restaurant serves the best sizzler in town. They have mutton, chicken, beef, and vegetarian sizzler too.

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12. Krust DXB

This isn’t your typical pizza delivery. Krust DXB delivers home DIY pizza kits. Tired of ordering pizzas, well make your own. This is a fun activity to do with your friends and family.

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11. L’eto Café

This might be one of the cutest café’s in Dubai. This French café has every dessert you could think of and are famous for their Spanish late. This café is definitely insta worthy.

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10. Lads Burger Dubai

This place so many burger options to choose, it’s going to take a while. If you’re tired of the basic beef, lettuce, and tomato burger, this place has the most EXTRA burgers.

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9. Le Burger

This is a classy burger joint. Providing high-quality meat and fresh ingredients in every burger. This restaurant is spacious and definitely an upgrade.

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8. Lillebite

Lillebite has the cutest mini cupcakes ever! Their cupcakes are every sweet tooth’s dream. These mini cupcakes make the perfect gift for any occasion or you can just treat yourself.

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7. Lokmaker

If you have never had Lokma, you’re missing out. Lokma is a very popular Arabic dessert which is sweet deep-fried dough. Lokmaker serves these mouth-watering deep-fried dough balls with Nutella, syrup, and even Lotus biscuit spread.

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6. Love Biryani and Chai

Biryani and Chai are a match made in heaven. This restaurant serves authentic dum biryani and kebabs. After having the spicy flavourful biryani follow up with a sweet milky Irani chai.

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5. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen

Can’t get enough of kebabs? Mezza Lebanese Kitchen has amazing grilled chicken, mixed grill, shish taouk, and shawarmas. You can even choose what sides you want, such as garlic spread, pickles, fries, rice, fresh Arabic salad, pita bread, and of course hummus.

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4. Munchbox Dubai

Skip the chips and unhealthy snacks and order healthy snacks from Munchbox. This place will satisfy all your cravings without the guilt. Munchbox is famous for its energy balls which are made out of dates, oats, and organic cocoa, which will you a boost of energy to take on the day.

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3. Nara Pan Asian

Nara Pan Asian has amazing pan Asian food along happy hour, ladies’ nights, and weekend brunches. This is the best place to be during the weekend with great food and music.

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2. Oh La La Patisserie Dubai

This pastry shop has the most extravagant French contemporary desserts and cakes.

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1. O’Pao DXB

Vada Pav is probably India’s greatest creation. For those who do not know what O’Pao is basically serving it is an Indian slider. It’s a spicy potato fritter sandwiched between two bun slices. O’Pao has so many variations of this iconic Indian sandwich. This is a must-try!

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