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2 Dubai Residents Helped Get A Kitten Out Of A Car Safely

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Cats can fit virtually anywhere. They’re basically liquid mammals. They can fit in cups, in vases… in car bonnets. Talk about foreshadowing and cats.

This Dubai resident, Ishana Tolani, had a kitten run and hide in her car bonnet in the middle of the road.

2 residents stopped to help get the kitten out of the car outside of Al Barsha Mall

Just remember to never turn on your car’s ignition if you know there’s a cat in the hood

It’s so sweet to take time out of your day to do kind for others and for animals. Cats won’t know any better than to hide in a potentially hot bonnet of a car that’s about to drive off. They’re simply looking for hiding spots. Ishana had her car parked outside of Al Barsha Mall when a kitten ran into her car’s bonnet.

2 residents saw the incident unfold and decided to help out. They opened the hood to try to get the kitten out but they found that helping her out above the tyre would be easier. After a few minutes, they managed to get the kitten out safely, with no injuries. They then took the kitten away from the roads.

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