A Brawl Broke Out Between 2 Fighters At A Dubai Fight Night

Farah Makhlouf

Dubai residents were eagerly waiting for the night of the 6th for the Social Knockout 3. In the ring, people saw Movlogs vs Shero Amara and Abdu Rozik vs Erali Boyqobilov… which ended in a tie!

But in between the intense rounds, a brawl broke out between fighters Moh Mutie and Darren Till

What people saw was Moh Mutie get a swing to the back of the head and the medical team rushing to his aid. After a quick examination, the fight was over for both fighters and Darren won by TKO.


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Former professional MMA fighter and organizer of the event shared details of the incident to Lovin Dubai calling it a “very unfortunate situation”

Tam Khan said, “They got into a clinch at a rabbit punch, which is very common in boxing, MMA.” Moh got grazed in the back of the head as a result of the rabbit punch and told medical professionals he could not continue. The fight was off and Darren won by TKO. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best ending but it happens,” Tam added.

Moh then went back up and told Darren he wanted to fight but when he was told it wouldn’t happen, Moh was unhappy and words were exchanged between both fighters. “Then Mohammed’s team charged up, going towards Darren. So, obviously, Darren wanted to defend himself, he’s a fighter. They’re both fighters.” Mohammed’s coaches were seen trying to defuse the situation but his friends jumped into the ring and the brawl ensued.

“It’s unfortunate and I’ll be investigating it further. I apologize to the UAE. I apologize to the Dubai Sports Council. I’ve never experienced this at one of my events and I really don’t like this because I like to promote good health, sports, combat and I’ll be taking further action alongside the commission.” Tam said.

“The fight was good and everyone did a great performance but I don’t condone this kind of behavior.”

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