Abdu Rozik Addressed The Doubters Questioning His Boxing Abilities Before The Fight

Farah Makhlouf

Just a couple more days until the highly anticipated Social Knockout 3 fight night commences. In the ring, you’re going to see some familiar faces, namely MoVlogs, Shero Amara, Abdu Rozik and Erali Boyqobilov. They’re going to face each other on July 6.

3 days before the epic fight night, Abdu Rozik shared a video on his Instagram addressing the doubters

Abdu Rozik has been an avid boxer for years and this is not his first rodeo but he has some people doubting his abilities.


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He captioned the video saying “Im not disabled! I can get married, drive, I can box and I’m healthy allhamdulillah! Please support me”

He explains that he’s not a disabled person and boxing actually made him healthier. Before moving to Dubai, he said he was 97cm tall and he’s currently 115cm and he says this is thanks to boxing that made his bones grow bigger.

People are also thinking I cannot get married, I cannot drive a car and I cannot fight. Why? I’m the same as all of you guys” he said. He announced his engagement to an Emirati woman last month and people left concerned comments about his marriage.

In the video, he also appealed to parents who have children with the same condition as him. He advised parents to allow their children to uptake sports like boxing and to give them the opportunities to chase their dreams.

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