People Noticed That Ain Dubai Started Moving Slightly


Word on the street is that Ain Dubai, the giant observation wheel in Dubai, has decided it’s time to stretch its legs—or wheels. Standing tall at 250 meters, it’s slowly getting into the spin of things, leaving everyone wondering if it’s just stretching…

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What’s really happening?

People have been filming Ain Dubai slowly turning, and the excitement is definitely building up. This colossal observation wheel, twice the size of the London Eye, made a grand debut on October 21, 2021, on Bluewaters Island in Dubai. It became an instant hit among tourists until it unexpectedly closed for “enhancement works” in March 2022, promising a quick return that never materialized. Over a year later, it’s still quiet, leaving everyone wondering when—or if—it’ll be back in action.

There hasn’t been any official word on when Ain Dubai will reopen…

Although there are occasional social media posts claiming it’s moving, which isn’t anything new, everyone in Dubai and beyond is eagerly hoping for its return in the near future.

The anticipation is noticeable, with locals and tourists alike eagerly awaiting the chance to experience the world’s largest observation wheel once more, or for the first time ever. Stay tuned for updates—fingers crossed that we’ll hear some good news soon!

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