A Dubai Restaurant Is Charging Diners Double If They Have Leftovers From The Buffet

Farah Makhlouf

Buffets are an amazing invention, especially for fellow foodies. You have an entire array of dishes at your disposal and can eat as much as you want. On the flip side though, there’s quite a large possibility that some of the food goes to waste. Some people tend to overload their plates with mountains of food and only nibble on it.

A Dubai food blogger realised that a hotpot restaurant charges diners double if they have leftovers

@blogliterati went to a restaurant to review and took a picture of a flyer on the table. The flyer said “Any Customer that orders over their capacity to eat and there is still LEFTOVER food by the time they ask to checkout “pay their bill”, He / She will be charged double the price of the Buffet AED 178.This is made to save the environment and to minimize food waste. By opting to get our Famous Buffet, you agree to the above mentioned Terms & Conditions.”

The reaction to the restaurant’s food policy was very split

The restaurant implemented this policy to prevent diners from wasting food, especially because this is an all-you-can-eat concept. Jan’s Noodles offered some clarification and said “To clear any confusion, we do only charge customers who misuse our Famous Buffet which we have seen a couple of extreme examples before. And YES, you can takr the extra food with you even the uncooked food. We will pack it for you to take away in case that we see there is a lot of food left over. We do NOT want to charge customers extra at all. Our system is only implemented for people to come enjoy their time without time limitation in a beautiful atmosphere and in order for us to be able to continue our lovely customers.”

The majority of commenters applauded the restaurant’s decision and are encouraging others to do the same. Other people said it’s up to the customers to eat responsibly and avoid wasting food.

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