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Your Questions Answered: This Is Where All That Drained Water End Up After A Heavy Rain In Dubai

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There’s been quite a lot of raining in Dubai, and thanks to the country’s quickness- floods from these heavy downpours are usually saved with a suction technique that requires many workers to helo clean up a street or area.

Well, ever wonder where the rainwater ends up?

An official from the Department of Public Works confirmed this with the Khaleej Times, saying that all the water suctioned is offloaded in specific reservoirs. He added that the millions of gallons are collected from the roads and discharged to the reservoirs.


The water is kept in the reservoirs increase the underground water balance. When there’s more water, the surplus is then poured out to sea. More than 150 workers are responsible to tend to emergency flood cases to drain out the rainwater.

There you go, curiosity at ease.

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