This Dubai Bank Has Employed A Robot To Serve Its Customers


A robot called Pepper, has been recruited by Emirates NBD in its branches in Dubai.

According to a recent tweet from the bank, Pepper will interact with customers and will understand visitation needs as well as adding an element of fun to customer engagements.

The “companion robot”, developed by Softbank robotics, is made to communicate with humans through voice, touch and expression of his/her emotions.

According to the manufacturers, Pepper comes complete with cameras, infrared sensors and recognition technology to feel a complex range of emotions including insecurity, irritation and confusion.  

“We are extremely excited to introduce Pepper to our customers in the UAE. A truly remarkable innovation, Pepper brings in a fun, interactive element to the Emirate’s NBD banking experience. We expect it to be popular with not just our younger generation of customers but also those who are interested in interacting with an intelligent humanoid robot.”

Vikram Krishna, Head of Group Marketing and Customer Experience at Emirates NBD


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