Dubai Has An Incredible Mix Of Nationalities And The Brotherhood Between Cultures Stands Strong

It’s A Dubai Thing is a docu-web series exploring different cultural celebrations in Dubai where Lovin Dubai meet the people who make up this city and discover how much of their national identity remains part of their lives.

In episode 8, Lovin explores different cultures here in the UAE and the activities that unite people as one

It’s a brilliant feeling when you see people from all walks of life coming together under one roof and sharing the same experience and enjoying the exact same thing as you.

Dubai has a diverse population and this episode just proves that when you have a common passion (be it food, sports or fashion) all differences are thrown right out the door with just mutual love and respect left for each other.

It’s A Dubai Thing Ep 8: When you try to explore cultures in Dubai…

This episode explored the brilliant brotherhood and tolerance in the UAE and inclusion with the incredible mix of nationalities

Watch episode 1- 8 on YouTube here.


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