Dubai Police Are Auctioning Hundereds Of Supercars That Means You Can Grab A BMW Or A Ferrari For NOTHING


Petrolheads in the region, rejoice!

If you love supercars and have always dreamt of owning one, now is the chance to make that dream a reality.

Dubai Police are all set to auction hundereds of unclaimed confiscated cars, that means at just a fraction of the original cost, you can be a proud owner of a fancy car- anything from a Mercedes, BMW to a Jaguar.

How’s that for a deal?

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More than 300 cars including some luxury motors will be sold in an auction. These will be the confiscated cars that haven’t been claimed by their owners.

As per the statement released by the Dubai Police:

“All the owners of the confiscated vehicles that have lasted more than three months without taking necessary action are requested to report to the concerned departments within a month of this notification to release them.

The cars shall otherwise be sold in auction.”

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