Emirates Are To Start Charging For Reserving Seats And Reddit Users Are Not Happy


Additional fees charged by airlines for things such as printing your boarding pass, preference boarding line, or even seat selection is something that is associated with low fare airlines like Easyjet or Fly Dubai. So when Emirates announced this week that they are to start to charge extra for advance seat selection, it came as a surprise. This comes as there is also talk that Emirate will introduce a premium economy ticket (between business class and standard economy class ticket). 

The cost varies for short hall and long haul flights

It’s 50 AED for adults for trips from Dubai within the Middle East 25 AED for kids. The fee rises to 100 AED for adults on longhaul flights such as Dubai to London or Hong Kong and 50 AED for kids. The changes come into effect from the 3rd of October. 

Travelling with kids and want the front of cabin seat, it’ll cost you!

As you wold expect, people wonder why emirates need to charge these fees

The response on Reddit has been as you might expect

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Our view is that all the seats are nice, and if you check in online in advance, you will have no issues. 

There are many costs involved to running airlines that offer services to the standards of Emirates, if they need to add fees here and there to maintain that, then it’s acceptable. 

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