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Here Are 5 Amazing Causes In Dubai That You Need To Know About

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It’s always a great idea to give back to the community whenever you can. If you’ve always wanted to give back but never knew who or where you can help, don’t worry we’ve got you! Here are some amazing organizations that are Dubai-based that surely can NEED all the ways of help that you could offer!

1. K9 Friends

Started 30 years ago, the journey of K9 Friends dog shelter continues to carry out its mission till today. It all began when a group of friends started this amazing non-profit organization to take care of and give shelter to stray and abandoned dogs in the UAE.

They help find new caring homes for dogs through adoption and help reunite lost dogs with their owners.

They have a great facility that is spacious, it’s also air conditioned and they tend to the dogs’ needs.

K9 Friends are a Volunteer based organization and there are many ways that you can help. If you are looking for a family pet and want to adopt a dog they have more than 120 dogs in their shelter that I’m sure you can find among them the CUTEST one to take home. Or you can volunteer by providing help in the kennel or in the office, you can even take the dogs on morning walks! How cute is that?!

For more info you can visit their website and learn more about this amazing place.



Look at this CUTEEE bundle of joy!


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2. Heroes of Hope

Heroes of Hope is an amazing non-profit group that was created in Sports Heroes Academy. An Incredible P.E teacher named Hollie Murphy, wanted to help her students of determination to grow through developing their sports skills and discovering their passion through various social aspects, and over the years her ‘Heroes’ started to grow in number and with it grew the family of Heroes of Hope that consists of coaches, and venues that help those amazing people of determination to discover their full potential and be the HEROES that they truly are!

You can support this great organization either personally or through your business if you are a business owner. All support will go into getting sports gear, equipment, further training and with your help you’ll be able to witness the rise of FUTURE HEROES!

For more info you can visit their website here. 

It’s true not all heroes wear capes!


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3. Team Angel Wolf

An Inspiring story that started with a dream, when Nick Watson participated in Kona 2002, the most challenging Ironman race in the world and dreamed that one day he can go back and complete it with his son.

But life is full of surprises, and for Nick and his wife Delphine their son or ‘Angel’ Rio was one of the most beautiful surprises, and they are determined more than ever to make this dream become TRUE!

The goal is for Nick to participate in the 2021 Kona, which consists of 3.86km swim, the 180.25km bicycle, and ends with a 42.20km marathon, while carrying his son Rio who is a person of determination.

Team Angel Wolf will need all the support that you can give to help this amazing and inspiring story to have a happy ending. If you are a business owner you can become Team AngelWolf partner or a KONA parter. If you are an individual and you want to offer your support you can join the paid membership that Team Angel wolf  that will help them get to Kona.

All your contribution will go into securing a new carbon fibre kayak, bike and running chair to ensure Nick & Rio can make the extremely tight cutoff times to enable them to stay in the race.

For more info you can visit their website here. 



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4. Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares is a brilliant initiative that is part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, and its main goal is to provide children and young people in developing countries with access to quality education which is one of their simplest rights in life. That is through the developing and funding of programs that seeks to provide all levels of high quality education and giving the proper training to youth with less privileges from all over the world, in order for them to be an effective person in the society.

Today, Dubai cares with the help of the people and with their hard work they have achieved education programs reaching over 20 million beneficiaries in 59 developing countries.

You can support this amazing initiative in many ways, you can help by becoming a volunteer or by giving donations, or if you are a business owner you can become a sponsor to their programs, or adopting schools.

For more info visit Dubai Cares website. 


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5. Rashid Centre for People of Determination

Rashid Centre for People of Determination is an amazing organization that offers education to children and young people with special needs. They follow a unique strategy that mixes between providing the right therapy needed and education of life skills that helps these brilliant kids to be part of the society.

you can provide help and support to this center by providing student  sponsorship donation that will cover the tuition fees of an academic year for one student which would include all the services needed to be provided to the student including transportation.

For more info you can visit their website. 


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