How Come Emirates Only Reply To Famous People On Twitter?


Update Emirates have contacted Lovin Dubai to clarify that their is a separate handle @emiratessupport to deal with the customer service issues. 

They “have a dedicated team responding across our social media channels 24/7…. (they) aim respond to as many passengers and fans as possible each day, and many of our responses are via direct message which cannot be seen on a public feed”. This is an explanation for the below referenced tweets.

Lovin Dubai are as big of fans of Emirates Airlines as anyone, if fact, probably bigger than anyone else. 

And we are also big fans of Twitter. 

We love everything that Emirates shares on social media, but couldn’t help but notice that when they reply to people on Twitter, it’s online accounts that have a massive following like famous people, or for want of a better word, shudder influencers. 

To credit Emirates, it’s a clever social media strategy and they are consistent. But just like they treat their passengers on the plane with Polaroid photographs, a few tweets to unsuspecting customers would really make their days aswell!

Here are Emirates last 5 replies on Social Media

Olympic Champion Roland Schoeman – 36.5k followers

R&B Artist Luca Dayz – 138k Followers

DJ and Producer Alex Morph – 118k Followers

Chelsea Footballers Michy Batshuayi (705k followers) and Victor Moses (827k followers)

And here are 5 tweets in the last 24 hours that have gone unreplied to from accounts with few followers 


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