James Charles’ Clapback To A Phone Hacker Just SHOOK Twitter For The Second Time ‘Round


Just a few months back, a beauty YouTuber named James Charles made himself relatively known thanks to a scandal that pretty much broke the internet.

The beauty guru has, yet again, become the highlight of social media after he practically shared an explicit photo out to the internet as a pre-emptive, after his phone was hacked, before the hacker could threaten him with it.

Dubai Twitter woke up all sorts of confused wondering whether or not the name trend meant a new beauty-guru drama had taken place during residents’ sleep.

Dubai Twitter users were all sorts of confused upon seeing the trending topic

James took to Twitter to clap back at whoever had hacked into his phone, by leaking out the only content he thought could be threatened against him, a photo of his body taken without clothing.

The post immediately circulated, going viral and reach thousands of people with the response quite mixed.

“Who told James Charles I wanted to see this today?”

Some creative Twitter users used the opportunity to include their fave Korean boyband BTS in edits of James’ photo

Because, you know…it’s the internet.


“A picture of James popped up on my timeline and my colleague saw me looking at it…”

You’re probs not alone.

But the overall Twitter motion goes probably something like this…


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