This Twitter Thread About Budget-Friendly Karak And OG Emirati Snack Spots Will Change Your Cruise Game


Cruising, chats and karak- it’s pretty much a lifestyle here in the UAE.

If you think Dubai no longer has gems valued between AED2-5, you’re mistaken.

A Twitter thread just reminded us once more about the OG places for good ‘ole, appetising karak that anyone can drive to daily or bakeries with fresh regag. 

Take notes, you’ll want to try these:

Don’t miss out on the most heart-warming, comforting tastes of old Dubai tucked in streets, cafeterias and areas you wouldn’t expect.

User Talib Hashim suggested a few key places, that ignite others to share their gems.

For exceptional karak, head to Real Taste cafeteria in Zaabeel

AED2 a cup and your day is made.

For fresh bread under AED5- every single day

Then Rashidiya is the spot!

How ’bout this: fresh omelettes with cheese and oman chips, with karak for AED2

Nostalgia at its finest.

You can find Labeeb Grocery past Reem al Bawadi on beach road. Tiny store (on the service lane) where an old man man sits outside making fresh regag bread, crepes, luqaimat & karak. 

Thanks for the tip!


Everybody loves a karak moment


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