This Legend Has Just Lost 17kg Because Of A Competition


The sixth edition of the ‘Lose Weight … Win Years’ competition is over and Fatima Al Naqbi, director of customer service at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, has been crowned the winner.

Organised by The Ministry of Health and Prevention along with the General Civil Aviation Authority, the weight-loss competition targeted government employees who were struggling with weight issues because of unhealthy lifestyles.

Along with a healthier body, her prize includes two tickets to a destination of her choice 

It was also the first time, since the programme’s launch six years ago, that a participant had lost 17.7kg.

What made her take up the challenge?

“I joined the programme because I wanted to change the bad habits I had adopted as a result of the work routine. I used to sit in the office all day and have only two meals with a big gap in between. I was convinced I had no time to exercise because of work. I realised that whatever I was doing was making me put on weight and affecting my health,” she told Gulf News.

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How did she manage it?

It was a combination of a healthy diet and a 3km walk on weekdays and 10km walk on weekends. Throw in some serious willpower too.

The competition:

The competition received many applications but the focus was on those with a higher body mass index or health issues such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes.

Seven employees each, between the ages of 26 and 56, from The Ministry of Health and Prevention and the General Civil Aviation Authority were put through a diet and exercise programme by a nutritionist and a training specialist from the ministry for 10 weeks. They were even given a pedometer to measure how many steps they were taking each day, with the goal being 10,000 steps per day.

The participants met up every two weeks to ensure they were no issues.

The overall results:

Together all 14 participants had lost 70kg (539,000 calories). Plus this year’s edition saw a 100% success rate as nobody gained weight and the employees completed ten weeks of the programme. 

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