Moneykicks Combines His Love For Sneakers And Haircuts In A New Business Opening Tomorrow


Boxer and influencer, Rashed Belhasa, commonly known Moneykicks combines his love for sneakers and haircuts in his cool new lifestyle salon Money Kut$, that will officially open to the public on Monday, June 13. 

We know how sacred the relationship between a man and his barber can be

If you’re looking for a new spot to become a regular at, Money Kut$ may be the spot for you


The barbershop is combined with the reselling of exclusive and limited edition sneakers

In short, sneaker heads who want to get their fresh cut and fade – you got it.

Two in one, people!


Located in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah, this lifestyle salon by boxer Rashid Belhasa (@rsbelhasa), AKA Moneykicks will launch with their grand opening on 13 June, Monday!


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Besides other designer sneakers, the shop even sells exclusive Dior x Jordan 1 High shoes… you read that right! You can be the one among the ONLY owners of the 8500 pairs that exist AROUND THE WORLD!

That just goes to show how Rashed Belhasa added his own ‘kick’ to the barber game.


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Hello arcade vibes: like any true Dubai business, there’s even a punching bag machine



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It’s great to see the young influencer expanding his own entrepreneurial endeavours

The barbershop is wonder under Rashed Belhasa Group, hinted in the brand’s Instagram account.

Do we think Belhasa will announce more ventures in the coming future?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


Here’s our chat with Belhasa last year, when he first announced his boxing match

So much has happened in such a short span of time!


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