Priti Malik Shares A Theory As To Why It Feels Like Time Moves Faster In Dubai

Farah Makhlouf

Folks, there’s some breaking news… it’s May. Yep, the rain has dried up (well, hopefully) and the weather is getting warmer. Summer is fast approaching but it feels like it’s already here. Where did the time go?

Have you caught yourself asking what month we’re on? Assuming most Dubai residents have, you’re not alone. Priti Malik, Virgin Radio host and Dubai personality, finds herself asking the same question.

Priti Malik came up with a theory as to why time seems to pass by faster in Dubai

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The theory goes…

Dubai’s 4 seasons tend to only look like two; summer and winter, and the environment doesn’t change too much…

and because the sky/environment doesn’t change often, it doesn’t indicate that a whole season has already passed! Unlike Dubai, New York City (where Priti’s from) has 4 seasons and it’s obvious when it’s that time of year. You’ve got your orange leaves, your snow, your boiling summer months and the perfect spring. 

It’s a very likely theory! And with that being said, if you’re a fan of summer, you’re in the perfect place because you get your perfect beach-day months, your bearable summer months and the sauna months.



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