Racing Season Is Back And Team Angel Wolf Kicked It Off With A Bang

Racing Season Is Back And Team Angel Wolf Kicked It Off With A Bang

People are back from vacay, schools have started, and the weather is still hot in Dubai but still, it can only mean one thing… racing season is back!

Kicking off the racing season is none other than Team Angel Wolf.

The Team Angel Wolf fam are starting off the season at the Sharjah Aquathon at Al Hamriya, Sharjah

The country will be having so many races that are just calling for you this season

Team Angel Wolf took to the socials to declare back-to-the-races. They started with the Sharjah Aquathon by Endurance Sports Services that took place in Sharjah. Nick and Rio did a 750m swim and a 5km run together and so did Tia.

Rio of course is excited as ever for the season of races and so are we! The country will be jam packed with races you could attend over the next few months and join the Team Angel Wolf fam because it’s easier with a community!

Starting October 1, Race.Me will be hosting the first race of the new season, Oceanic Triathlon, which you can still register for. But in case you miss it, there’ll be 2 races on October 2, a new run event and the Dam Busters in Khorfakkan. Run, swim, bike or do all three this month!

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