SCAM: People Are Selling Fake “Lost Luggage” From Dubai International Airport

Farah Makhlouf

The scams these days are everywhere; in your email, DMs, messages, and all over social media. Some are undetectable and some have every telltale sign that they are scams. But when you see an ad for lost luggage that’s up for sale at a steep price from Dubai International Airport, you ought to have your doubts.

There’s a Facebook page that’s selling lost luggage from “DXB” for AED8 and it’s all a scam

First of all the page isn’t really DXB, it’s a random page with the same name. The ads say “Not an auction! We sell lost luggage for 8 AED! We are urgently clearing the airport warehouse and selling luggage lost more than 6 months ago!”

The page is alleged to be the real airport account, clearing out the lost luggage warehouse. The bags have also allegedly been lost for 6 months.

But that’s not the real DXB! In fact, the official account took to socials to clear out the misinformation

DXB is not in the rip-offs business, they’re here for the take-offs!

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