A Video Of An Emirati Boy Throwing A Cat Against A Wall Has Gone Viral And Animal Welfare Workers Are Fuming


An Emirati teenager in Ajman has left animal welfare workers and social media users extremely angry.

The 17-year-old boy took a selfie with a cat before holding it by its tail and throwing it against a wall. This entire act was caught on camera by his friend. Both the boys were seen laughing said a taxi driver who had witnessed the incident.

The incident was reported by The National after the video went viral.

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A screen shot of the video has this message in Arabic ‘one of the ugliest images of humanity that died’.
Image credit: The National

The taxi driver put some water on the cat as it was bleeding from the nose and mouth…

He also stated that quite a few people witnessed the incident but nobody reacted. He also said the boy did not feel sorry for his actions. He described the teenager as one with “no heart and he is not human”. 

Owner of Cloud 9 Pet Hotel, Afra Al Dhaheri said…

“After watching the video, I couldn’t sleep. I was full of anger and wanted to find out who this person was. People had gathered a Dh10,000 reward on Facebook for information, so it was pretty easy for the police to follow up. It shows how angry people are. I had not seen anything like this before. Police need to take action and this person needs to be in jail.”

She was not the only one to speak her mind out to The National.

Dr Susan Aylott, a vet working with Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi, said…

“This is a horrific case of an intentional, barbaric killing. We would like to get across to the public that animal abuse is both a crime against society and religion. The public have a duty to report such crimes.”

This act is punishable…

Under Article 431 of Federal Law number 16 with penalties of up to a year in prison or a AED 20,000 fine.

Residents can report such incidents through Risq Society

Set up by Emirati student Mira Al Suwaidi, Risq Society enables people to report animal abuse cases.


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