This Video On Drugs By Dubai Police Will Impact You Deeply


Dubai Police recently posted a video on its YouTube channel called Soul’s Tale – a powerful visual message on the effects of drug abuse.

It’s a short story of a young man who becomes involved in drugs and encourages his friend to experiment with the substances as well. The result is something that not only affects him but his entire family.

The six-minute long video was released at the Hemaya International Anti-Drug Forum 2016, a platform for those working towards combating drug abuse.

What you need to know:

According to Article 43 of Federal Law 14 for the year 1995 on Combating Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance, people who voluntarily report themselves as addicts are treated as patients and not criminals. They are exempt from punishment.

Residents are urged to report drug users or traffickers to Dubai Police through the number 800400400. 


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