When The Fire Broke Out In The Marina, Uber Did One Thing, Careem Did Something Different


It’s no secret that Uber and Careem are direct competitors. Both offering similar transport services to the people of Dubai and other cities. One difference we all know about is that Careem is born locally, where as Uber originated in Silicon Valley in the US. 

It’s often said that in times of tragedy you often find out who your real friends are. Well, it seems that can also be said about companies. 

One company clearly cares about the people of Dubai over the other

When the fire broke out in Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina at 3pm today, the building was evacuated, roads were closed and people were understandably worried. Uber reacted by removing surge pricing, but Careem went one better and gave free rides for all. 

Uber’s Reaction – Remove surge pricing (that is caused in event of the fire anyway)

Careem’s  Reaction: Free rides for all!

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