Emirates Is Tackling Covid-19 With An Enhanced Cleaning And Disinfection Plan


Despite the UAE urging both residents and citizens not to travel, in a bid to limit the spread of Covid-19, many will still need to.

Internationally, the aviation industry has noticed the decline in business as nervous passengers hold-off on non-essential travel but for those of you who are travelling, Emirates Airline is offering passengers peace of mind by sharing its enhanced cleaning regime.

Emirates is tackling Covid-19 with enhanced cleaning and disinfection routines on all travel routes

Emirates also announced fee waivers to give travellers

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If you are travelling, give yourself plenty of time at the airport and expect medical checks

The UAE is following strict international standards to curb the outbreak of Covid-19 and on Thursday morning, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has asked people to avoid travelling, due to the current situation.

IF you travel, on return to the UAE, you can expect strict medical checks at the airport and the potential to be quarantined for a period, until it’s clear you do not carry the virus.

WAM.ae, the UAE’s national news agency made the announcement following school closures across the UAE as precautionary measures.

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