COVID-19: This Is Help For Residents Who Got Stuck OUTSIDE Of The UAE


This is the help for residents some of you have been hoping for.

Due to the swiftly changing visa updates and measures taken by the UAE to limit the spread of COVID-19, some residents were left outside of the UAE last week.

And in response to huge concern from valid visa holders, authorities have introduced an online service, designed to ensure the safe return of residents who are outside the country.

“Twajudi for residents” who are outside the UAE and need help to return home.

Help for residents: You can register for “Twajudi for residents”

The service is for people with valid residencies

And it aims to facilitate your safe return to the UAE in emergency situations.

You can register now through MoFAIC’s website here and communicate your situation.

“Twajudi for residents” was born out of the UAE’s continuous efforts to ensure the health and safety of its residents and to facilitate their return home in these extraordinary circumstances.

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