As A Coronavirus Preventive Measure: ALL Nurseries In The UAE Will Be Closed Starting Sunday


After a spike in the number of coronavirus cases around the world and in the Middle East over the last week, the UAE has announced that as a precautionary measure against the virus all the nurseries in the UAE will be closed for two weeks from Sunday, March 1.

The UAE Ministry of Education made this announcement in a press conference on Covid-19 and measures to prevent its spread in the country, that was held earlier on Saturday.

Hussein Al Hammadi, UAE Minister of Education, and Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais, UAE Minister of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), appeared together during the press conference on Saturday

The KHDA issued a circular banning outdoor activities such as field trips, sports competitions and camping for all private schools and universities in the UAE, in order to safeguard students against the virus

This announcement by the KHDA was made earlier on Saturday.


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