The Ras Al Khaimah Ruler Helps A Mother Return To The UAE After Her Worried Son Wrote Him A Letter


The Ras Al Khaimah ruler went above and beyond to help an expat family after her worried son reached out.

Jessica Fitzjohn is a mom who was stuck in the UK after she travelled there more than 50 days ago to attend her father’s funeral. She was unable to return because of travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Her 7-year-old son, Archie, and husband, Richard, live in Ras Al Khaimah, so Archie decided to send a hand-written letter and drawing to H.H. Sheikh Saud, the Ruler of RAK explaining their situation and asking for his help.  

Archie had actually met the Sheikh last year and in the letter, he said he remembered him as a “very kind, helpful sheikh”

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Incredibly, the Sheikh also responded with a hand-written note

He wrote:

 “Dear Archie. “Thank you for your letter, I enjoyed reading it. I remember meeting you and having a great day with you and your classmates.”

“I understand you miss your mommy very much and I am very proud of you for being a brave boy,” he wrote. “I hope bringing her home will make you smile.”

He then directed for Archie’s mum to return, and she came back early on Wednesday. She will undergo 14-day quarantine before she can meet her family, but the family are delighted and forever thankful to His Highness for the incredible kindness. How amazing is that!

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