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COVID-19: Where Can I Test For The Coronavirus In Dubai?

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Where can I get tested? What do I do if I’m travelling from an infected country? How long can Coronavirus last on surfaces? What are the chances of re-infection?

We’re in an unknown territory and you may have LOTS of questions. Fortunately, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Media Office have created the #askDXBdoctor initiative, where you can get your queries answered by the authorities.

The answers are below, or you can swipe right on the Instagram post, the explanations are brief and to the point. BTW, THIS is the kind of information you should be sharing on WhatsApp, direct from the authorities.

Where can I test for Coronavirus in Dubai?


The answers are brief

Where can I get tested? A COVID-19 test can be done in all public and private hospitals in Dubai.

Advice for people travelling from high-risk countries? “In general, we advise people coming from infected countries to self-quarantine for 14 days.”

Chances of reinfection? “Chances of re-infection following full recovery are not known as there is no medical information that can support this claim”.

What is the difference between the flu and the novel coronavirus and how long can the coronavirus survive on various surfaces?


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