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3 Awesome Ways To Give Back During The Holy Month Of Ramadan

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3 Awesome Ways To Give Back During The Holy Month Of Ramadan

The month of giving is fast approaching and already you can see Dubai residents are going above and beyond to see how they can help those who need it most.

And while we might not be able to do as much on the ground giving, there are plenty of small gestures you can do from your living room.

Have old tech lying around? Donate it to students in need, you can also help by donating a meal (for as little as AED8) to the 10 Million Meals campaign or volunteer for the ‘uour city needs you initiative’. Scroll for deets.

Here are 3 awesome ways to give back during the Holy Month of Ramadan

1. Be part of the volunteers distributing half a million meals to the people in Dubai who need it most

So far, 12,000 volunteers have distributed 500,000 meals as part of the ‘Your City Needs You’ initiative.

The ‘Day for Dubai’ app lets you volunteer your time for one day a year to give back to the city you live in. The app is one of the most popular in Dubai right now and it’s incredible the see the volume of people who have already donated their time, with half a million meals delivered to highly-density areas as part of the campaign.

Sign up to volunteer here

2. Support the 10 million meals initiative from just AED8

The ruler of Dubai has launched a humanitarian campaign to deliver 10 million meals to communities in the UAE affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan draws near, this is a way for the community to give back to those in need, by providing meals or supporting those who have lost their income.

The campaign will be lead by HH Sheikha Hind bint Maktoum and will run throughout the Holy Month. Usually, the month of Ramadan draws huge generosity, and if your usual outlets for giving are unavailable due to COVID-19, you can donate to this great cause from AED8, which is the price of one meal.

You can donate here

1. Support students who need online learning equipment through Dubai Cares

Distance learning will continue until the end of this school term, but not all students have access to the devices needed to join the lessons, so the community is being asked to DIG DEEP.

Have you got an old laptop lying around? Donate it!

“Education Uninterrupted” is a collaboration between Dubai Cares and the Ministry of Education, and they’re calling on the community to donate old laptops, computers, tablets, to those students in need OR donate financially

Help Dubai students in need by donating your old devices – Simply log on to Dubai Cares to learn more.


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