A Dubai Resident Found A Resto That Serves UNLIMITED Pizzas & Pastas For AED49! 

UNLIMITED Pizzas & Pastas For AED49! 

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the pandemic… it’s that life is waayy too short to be eating just ONE slice of pizza.

A video showing a Dubai resto serving unlimited pizzas and pastas for AED49, twice a week literally calls for that YOLO state of mind and a trip to the eatery.

Food blogger, Rafeez Ahmed has done Dubai a solid once again by discovering Little Italy, a resto that serves authentic Italian cuisine at amazingly affordable rates that we completely STANNN!

When life gives you unlimited pizzas and pastas for AED49… you TAKE IT! And never look back.

Round up the tribe and book in your binge-fest session on either Saturday or Tuesday. Because this deal can not be TOPPED. Pun intended.

@syedrafeezahmedUnlimited Pasta & Pizza 🍕😍 #WhereToEat #WhereToEatDubai #WhereToEatuae #placestovisitindubai #pasta #pizza #lovindubai #mydubai #dubaifood♬ Backyard Boy – Claire Rosinkranz

Every Tuesday & Saturday from 7 pm to 11pm!

Your cheat day just got a whole lot more tempting eh?!

Time to let your inner Joey live his best life!!

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