Celebrating the UAE: The 10 pictures that show how Dubai has changed


We love it when we spot an old picture of Dubai. And when we did, It got us wondering about how far Dubai has come in terms of the way it looks. Well, we thought we’d do a bit of research so you don’t have to! Here’s the pictures that have all your answers…

Marina Then

Dubai Marina in 2003

Marina Now

Dubai Marina now

Downtown Then

Downtown Dubai in 2005

Downton Now

Downtown Dubai now

Screen  Shot 2015 12 02 At 22 40 48

Deira Clock Tower 1969

Screen  Shot 2015 12 02 At 22 47 10

Deira Clock Tower now


Sheikh Zayed Road in 1990


Sheikh Zayed Road now


Dubai International Airport 1971

Dxb 2015

Dubai International Airport now


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