Dinner In The Sky Is Back In Dubai And Here’s How You Can Get In On This Unusual Dining Experience


If you’re looking to heighten your dining experience, this was probably made for you. ‘Dinner in the Sky’, the world’s most unique dining concept, is back in Dubai in time for the holiday season. Regarded as one of the best-known and most popular international culinary events, the concept has sky-rocketed in New York, Paris and London – and now it’s our turn. Whilst strapped in at a table suspended by a crane at a height of 50 meters, a renowned chef and a few select staff members will bring your meal to you – they are harnessed too, of course. As one of Forbes.com’s ’10 Most Unusual Restaurants’ worldwide, this intense experience has really raised the bar on dining!

And we can see why

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What you need to know

Dinner in the Sky will take place later this month

You can book using the online booking system at www.dinnerinthesky.ae

The experience is not limited to private diners but is great for events, meetings or even birthday parties for adrenaline junkies… We probably should have put it on our Christmas Party list too!

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