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Dubai Residents Have Seriously Mixed Feelings About A Bar That’s Giving Drinks That Based Your Weight

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Yesterday, we shared a story about a Dubai bar giving away free drinks based on the person’s weight- as part of a new ladies night promo. Having not been sure about the deal after seeing it online, we called the bar and spoke to its F&B manager who confirmed the deal.

Fusion Club, located in Al Barsha’s Cassells hotel, is reportedly giving away free drinks to the value of someone’s weight. So someone weighing 60 kilograms would get a drink from the menu, worth that price, for free.

The offer is ongoing from 7pm to 3am daily until the end of August. FYI.

So naturally, Dubai residents reacted to the peculiar deal- with some in theatrics about it and others not so much.

A mixed bag of reactions from Dubai-ans

Some were totally onboard with the idea.

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 19 51 Am


Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 17 37 Am

While others have their minds set on a goal

Dedication is the key.

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 17 43 Am

Some have mixed feelings about the entire deal


Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 18 27 Am

Diet plans have come off, accordingly

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 18 32 Am

‘Now this is a ladies night’

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 19 51 Am

While others don’t agree with the concept of the deal at al

Screen Shot 2019 07 04 At 11 40 22 Am

and others couldn’t even..

‘This needs to stop’

What’s your take?

Should people ease in and learn to laugh about this or is it totally unnecessary?

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