A New Feature In Dubai Mall Breaks Not Only One But Three Guinness World Records All At Once


A new OLED screen has been unveiled above the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo by Emaar Entertainment, and the screen has officially received three Guinness World Record titles.

Thanks to the partnership with LG, the screen has officially set the record for being the largest OLED screen, highest resolution video wall as well as largest highest definition video wall. 

The OLED screen has over 820 panels that lets it emit light without backlighting, also providing wider viewing angles. The screen is said to also be able to curve!

Dubai Aquarium Underwater Zoo Breaks Guinness World Records 2

Another record for Emaar Entertainment

Chief Executive Officer of Emaar Entertainment, Maitha Al Dossari, commented on their success in breaking the world record, “Emaar Entertainment continues to push the boundaries and achieve greater highs through innovative installations and attractions. We’re committed to delivering the best in the industry and are honoured that the new OLED screen at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has received three Guinness World Records achievements, underpinning our commitment to pioneering innovative attractions, continued advancements in technology and digital attractions, and inspiring joy”.


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